Letters to the Editor

Gerald J. Avila: Our political pigs all living at the trough

President Barack Obama went around the world describing how terrible America was and apologized for our behavior. He said he was going to change us to be a better America. Well, now I want to personally apologize for our government’s failures to the families of the four brave heroes who died at Benghazi thinking our government would not abandon them.

The president showed cowardice to act. Hillary Clinton was all in with her complicity. The Secretary of Defense came through as impotent. The Pentagon has fallen to a shameful yellow. House and senate remained silent, meaning they lacked the guts and honor to do the right thing at the time and even the present. The highest court in the land has become another political party. From the top rung of government to the bottom, they all live at the pig trough never minding the odors that surround them.

Gerald J. Avila, Turlock