Letters to the Editor

David J. Silva: Hillary lied and lied and lied, and yet no consequences

The FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of emails is over and the decision not to file charges has been made. It was proven she lied from start to finish, but was given a free pass. Why!

She lied in saying she didn’t know she couldn’t use a private account. She lied in saying she would only need one device. And she lied when she said she did not send or receive any classified information on a private server. The FBI proved all these to be lies and yet it decided not to send it to a federal grand jury. Why!

If she was a Republican, 90 percent of American voters would demand she be prosecuted. Because she’s a Democrat she doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist. While Secretary of State, she took in millions from foreign countries for The Clinton Foundation and $100 million from Wall Street bankers for speeches she refuses to make public.

Democrats say none of this matters and they still want her to be president. Is this the most honest person they have to offer? The poor judgement she used handling emails is the same judgment she will use as president

David J. Silva, Los Banos