Letters to the Editor

Jonathan Tillotson: Brandvold a man of integrity who will listen

I have known Ted Brandvold for many years, and he has been nothing but an honest, hard-working man of integrity. I am voting for Ted because he will truly listen to the people of our city when they speak; he won’t just pretend to listen and then do whatever he feels regardless of what was actually said.

I have seen Ted take care of his family, friends and business throughout the years, which proves to me he is a man who takes his responsibilities seriously. If elected mayor, Ted will work to gain the trust of the taxpayers by finding ways to eliminate wasteful spending and broadening our tax base. Ted was the first person I heard talk about bringing more agricultural jobs to Modesto (while everyone else was still talking about trying to bring the Silicon Valley jobs here).

He truly believes this is the agricultural center of the world and feels a great way for our city to become prosperous again is to explore that vein. Now agriculture is a main thing you hear discussed from both sides. Ted is a trendsetter.

Jonathan Tillotson, Modesto