Letters to the Editor

Ann Marie Mangini: Would like paper on porch

Re “Memories of a paperboy” (Letters, Oct. 4): I too remember the days of hardworking and dedicated carriers delivering the paper, always had respect for them working in the elements. It seems the work ethic the writer acquired is serving him and his many airline passengers well.

Our current Bee carrier refuses to “put the paper on the porch” as the writer recalled carriers doing “every day.”

I have called Bee customer service many times, asked that a message be left for our carrier’s manager, you name it, I have courteously and patiently tried it all. The result? One morning the paper was on the porch, but never again. Makes one realize the carrier got the message, tried it for one day, and decided too much work was required.

My only comfort is knowing this current carrier will not – anytime soon – be responsible for thousands of airline passengers who depend on a pilot with a good work ethic. So thank you for proving that teaching work ethic is worth the effort.

Ann Marie Mangini, Modesto