Letters to the Editor

James Davis: What will make pumpers listen?

The industrial nut farmers kept planting, drilling and pumping, but nobody listened.

Nearby residential wells started running dry, but nobody listened.

The county offered loans that ordinary working folks and retirees on fixed incomes said they couldn’t pay for even if they could qualify and didn’t want to risk losing their homes if they defaulted, but nobody listened.

They felt it wasn’t right that they should have to spend $20,000 for new wells when the cause was someone else’s profiteering, but nobody listened.

The water committee held hearings while the county issued more permits, but nobody listened.

Now it’s the small residential homeowners against the huge industrial farmers and the water committee that they serve on, and still nobody is listening.

I wonder if these three little words “class-action lawsuit” might finally some someone start listening?

Is farming important? You’re damn right it is! But not to the exclusion of all the rest who have to use this water to survive as well.

Will these people have to leave their home so that others can sell their nuts to people around the world?

If it were me, I’d be gathering signatures right now!

James Davis, Modesto