Letters to the Editor

Lisa Adams: Olsen, Denham helped nurses

When an exclusive, challenged, and not fully tested software program was allowed to go live for the California Board of Registered Nursing during the 2013-14 school year, it crashed, leaving many victims in its wake.

This time, it was our nurses who were victims. They were left needing strong advocates to help them navigate the treacherous “who’s to blame” waters and move forward to obtain and keep their professional licenses.

Our Valley’s health care economy, patient safety and quality of care was at risk, through the less-than-thoughtful implementation of this technology.

I thank Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen and Rep. Jeff Denham for being effective, caring advocates for our area nurses. They and their staffs are to be commended for restoring to our area nursing graduates and nurses the ability to obtain their rightly earned privileges for testing, licensure and re-licensure as professional, registered nurses in a timely manner.

Any software system designed to be the exclusive venue for obtaining professional licensure in California should be thoroughly tested and vetted before implementation. Especially when it affects safety and quality of care of people.

Thank you, Kristin and Jeff, for being advocates for nurses, so they can be advocates for the people of California.

Lisa Adams, Modesto