Letters to the Editor


High-speed rail as litmus test

Recent news about the progress of the high-speed train project is really encouraging. Although construction of this wonderful means of transportation will take several years, and I won’t be around to enjoy it, I’m very optimistic that future generations will benefit from this incredible way of traveling. We need to accept that this is the way of the future. Oil will run out sooner or later, especially with our addiction to individual transportation. To think and do otherwise is simply unwise and unsustainable. The HSR system is the only way to go and the sooner we realize that, the better.

To speed up this very important project we need to start voting out of office politicians who don’t really care about the public good, just the status quo, and elect citizens who have people, not private interests, as their priority. We need public officials who have the future of our state and nation in mind when making decisions that will affect everybody.

There is a reason why Europe and Japan haven’t done away with their railroad systems and, on the contrary, have improved them and made them some of the marvels of the modern world. We need to follow suit.

Alfa Broderick, Modesto

Marsh must define his terms

There were several Wood Colony residents at Modesto Mayor Garrad Marsh’s town hall meeting and we heard the mayor’s challenge to the county to agree with the city not to develop in our area. My first question to the mayor is: What is your definition of Wood Colony? In the past some on the City Council have so narrowly defined Wood Colony that it did not even include the Wood Colony Cemetery or the local fire department. My second question is: What do you mean by “No development in Wood Colony”? As an ag area, we will need to construct things like almond hullers to accommodate the ever-changing agriculture picture. These questions will need to be answered definitively in order for the conversation between the city and county to proceed in any kind of productive fashion.

Todd Heinrich, Modesto

Pictured protection not enough

Re “ Health workers preparing in case Ebola hits in county” (Page A1, Oct. 7): The article written by Ken Carlson is very informative and a solid view of reality. We do not know just how Ebola will react upon changes to its environment, target population or time. What made my hair stand on end was the photo of Kristy Kuhn wearing AMR’s proposed attempt at personal protective equipment. I will equate it to wearing a clothespin on one’s nose to go in to clean up a plutonium spill.

The body cover Kuhn is wearing is completely porous. Any kind of light wetness, even humidity, will penetrate it. Her head/hair is unprotected, susceptible to any potential droplet of humidity contaminated with a patient’s body fluids. I sincerely hope AMR’s management truly researches and develops a functional response procedure to any form of communicable disease, lest they embroil not only their paramedic crews but the unknowing public.

Aaron E. Cañez, Angels Camp

Don’t pit riders against drivers

The opinion letters under the headline “ Cyclists should pay their own way on roads” (Letters, Oct. 2) piqued my interest. It would be lovely if all users of the road obeyed signs, signals and laws. To say one group does not is absurd. I drive a car, ride a motorcycle, ride bicycles and follow the rules of the road. I cannot tell you how many close calls I have had cycling because drivers do not understand that cyclists must follow the same rules that drivers do.

About fees: I pay my taxes on time. If you want me to pay additional fees for my bicycles, they are vintage bikes and weigh a fraction of what a motorized vehicle weighs. If my tags were proportionate, I might consider it. It would be a nightmare to determine fair fees for bicycles.

If a user of the road violates the law, issue a ticket. How hard is that? Instead of pitting one group against another, work together so all road users understand the laws.

Sandra Souza-DeSimone, Modesto

Fed up with his majesty Obama

After six years of misjudgments and misguided folly, or is it just poor decision making? President Obama’s vision of change will never be America’s vision of the world. His majesty Obama rules by decree and makes illegal laws with the sweep of his pen. Countless times the Supreme Court has rebuked him, score: America 9, Obama 0.

Being proved wrong does not detour his majesty’s misjudgments. Repeated failed policies do not change his feeble-mindedness and determination to damage America’s standing in the world. His left-wing advisers are helping him fail completely and drag America down with him. Leading from the rear is not anything to be proud of. Yet, failing to take advice from those who know, by one not qualified to lead school children across a street, should be self-evident by now.

The little king seems to think if you scream the same socialist lies enough times they will be believed as true.

Craig Cox, Modesto