Letters to the Editor

Jack B. Vaughn: Reject Pelosi’s candidate; vote Denham

Well, here we go again! Two years ago it was the Nancy Pelosi-financed astronaut, Jose Hernandez, who, when interviewed by The Modesto Bee on what he would do to improve the high unemployment rate in the Valley, stated he would set up a government committee to look into the problem. Really! Now, two years later, the Pelosi-led House Democrats are funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to her latest yes man, Michael Eggman. Can you visualize Eggman standing up to Pelosi and Barack Obama and getting the job done for us? I can’t!

In Jeff Denham we have an experienced and strong leader who has been an assemblyman, state senator, businessman and farmer and is a veteran and a well-respected, accessible and very influential member of Congress. He has excellent strength of character and is well versed in the needs of our Valley. He has a solid reputation of working across the aisle to get legislation passed.

Our nation is broke! California is broke! I applaud Denham for having the courage to say no to such fiscally irresponsible projects as the “train to nowhere” and instead work with us on realistic programs that will have an immediate benefit such as the ACE train, Amtrak, road construction and reservoirs. My compliments to The Modesto Bee for their wise recommendation to return Jeff Denham to Congress!

Jack B. Vaughn, Modesto