Letters to the Editor

Jennifer Carter: Soiseth can lead Turlock

Gary Soiseth is right for Turlock! Gary is smart, energetic and builds collaborative relationships to get the job done. I am convinced he will work with all of Turlock’s stakeholders to make our town stronger while ensuring long-term sustainability for future generations. Gary cares greatly about Turlock and is active in the community. He has a proven record of bringing synergy to multiple and diverse groups while maintaining transparent and honest communications. He will devote the time necessary to understand the issues from all perspectives prior to making a responsible decision.

Gary’s vision on building a supportable infrastructure, embarking on smart growth initiatives and making our community safer with more police officers are what the residents of the great city of Turlock needs. Gary will focus on this as well as eliminate redundant, wasteful and ineffective spending and ensure that we are spending our hard-earned tax dollars wisely. Now is the time to invest and make the right decisions for Turlock’s future. Soiseth is the right person to lead Turlock!

Jennifer Carter, Turlock