Letters to the Editor

A.L. Haney: New red light a huge time saver

Re “Too many red lights in Modesto” (Letters, Oct. 3): I live off of Merle, east of Roselle. I was thrilled when they finally put that light at the intersection of Roselle and Merle. I have lived in my home for 13 years, and that light was long overdue. Obviously, the writer has never driven east of Roselle on Merle before and after school, when a driver would easily get caught for an extra 10 to 20 minutes at the stop sign. The person with the college education absolutely made the right decision. On behalf of Village One residents, I thank the city of Modesto. The city saved thousands of people a couple of hours a week. Also, this is a good reminder for everyone to think twice about what you say or write.

A.L. Haney, Modesto