Letters to the Editor

John Doornenbal: Republicans fought for reservoirs

Jeff Denham, Kristin Olsen, Anthony Cannella and California Republicans have fought hard for years to build and enlarge more California reservoirs to prepare for droughts. Environmental extremists have stopped the enlargement and construction of new reservoirs for decades. The consequence is that our water supply is shrinking, while costing our economy billions of dollars each year in dormant farmland and the loss of thousands and thousands of jobs and higher food prices.

Another reason California Republicans fought hard for new and enlarged reservoirs was to store more surface water so that farmers could flood irrigate their fields to replenish our groundwater.

More reservoirs would have provided more water for rivers, fish, trees, our environment, wildlife, lake recreation and for fighting fires. California has 38 million people. We need more and larger reservoirs. Jeff Denham, Kristin Olsen and Anthony Cannella have fought for more and larger reservoirs for years. They deserve our vote and our support.

John Doornenbal, Modesto

Editor’s note: The bill authorizing Proposition 1 for the ballot passed unanimously in the Senate with all Democrats and Republicans voting for it; AB 1471, authorizing it in the Assembly, had only two dissenting votes: Republican Tim Donnelly and Democrat Wesley Chesbro.