Letters to the Editor

Lynne Sutton: Protecting oil wealth creates anger

On Sept.  30, The Bee ran a political cartoon by Jim Morin of The Miami Herald showing President Obama looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection of George W. Bush. I understood the cartoonist’s point of “here we go again,” but I immediately saw beyond George W. to George H.W. Bush’s reflection behind that of his son. That president ordered American troops into Kuwait in 1991 followed by George W. sending troops into Iraq to finish what Daddy did not. What I saw was the reflections of the two persons (with their advisers) responsible for what is happening in our world now. Sending military force to save the source of their family wealth (oil) has created a world of terrorism that we all must live in and fear. We have brought destruction on ourselves and our world by our votes.

Lynne Sutton, Modesto