Letters to the Editor

Judy Kropp: Creating awareness of mental health

We at the National Alliance on Mental Illness are celebrating education, awareness and anti-stigma during Mental Health Awareness Week, through Oct. 11. Our “Ending the Silence” program goes to high schools throughout the county. Every school has been invited to host this 50-minute, free program put on by NAMI members who have lived with mental illness. We touch on the signs of mental illness, suicide prevention and avenues for seeking help.

In the last 18 months, 1,392 students have seen ETS. We’re booked through November, but hope schools will call so we can set up times to educate students about mental illness.

Another program, “Parents and Teachers as Allies” (PTAA), has been given to numerous teachers and parent groups. “In Our Own Voice” teaches about mental illness to church and civic groups.

Our monthly meetings are the third Wednesday of each month, at 500 N. Ninth St. at 6:30 p.m. It features different aspects of mental health each month and is open to the public. To subscribe to our NAMI newsletter, or learn more about our free support groups, classes and activities, call (209) 558-4555. Our aim is to reduce stigma through education and support.

Judy Kropp, Past President, NAMI Stanislaus, Oakdale