Letters to the Editor

Randall Brown: What’s a poor motorist to do?

In regard to the spate of letters to the editor (“Cyclists should pay their own way on roads,” Oct. 2; “Even bad riders shouldn’t be hit,” Sept. 29; “Road courtesy starts with you,” Sept. 28 and “Cyclists don’t obey traffic laws,” Sept. 24) about all the reckless, irresponsible bike riders around here, I’d like to add my 2 cents.

First, as a responsible car driver who has never exceeded a speed limit, done a “California stop” or forgotten that my turn signal exists, it’s inconceivable to me that the hordes of people out riding bicycles would ever not completely stop at a stop sign or fail to signal a turn. But that’s what comes from not driving a car.

And let’s not forget that they outnumber us 50-to-1, so if an accident should occur, well, one or two fewer bikes on the streets would hardly be noticed.

I think that what they don’t get, most of all, is just how much effort it takes to drive a car. While those lazy bike riders cruise along almost effortlessly on our flat roads, you wouldn’t believe how tired my leg and foot get from all the starts and stops we go through.

So be patient, my fellow drivers. Eventually they will learn, shoulder their share of the national energy-consuming burden and join us on our fine, uncongested roads.

Randall Brown, Turlock

Most cyclists do pay their share

The vast majority of people writing negative comments about bicyclists come from two major groups. The old grumpy kind, who never venture on a bike and assume anyone on a bike must be homeless, and those who tend to be Suburban-driving crazy moms flying through our streets while texting and who, surprisingly, don’t ride bikes, either. It’s nice that those groups have such opinions on laws that support a healthier and happy life.

I have been commuting on bike in Modesto for the last 15 years. I own a car and a house, and have a well-paying job. I ride on College Avenue almost every day, so the gentleman who “never sees bikes on College” must be vision-impaired, which is a serious problem for everyone.

I appreciate those bicyclists who obey laws as much as I appreciate car owners who obey laws. I pay a lot of taxes, so I do “pay my own share,” despite what one letter writer suggested (“Cyclists should pay their own way on roads,” Oct. 2).

I want to thank the city for supporting a more active lifestyle by putting in bike lanes. Please differentiate between “cyclist” and “homeless riding a bike” when judging bike riders.

Curtis Reynolds, Modesto

Cyclists shouldn’t be rude

I read with interest a letter (“Cyclists ignore laws, should pay more,” Oct. 2) and had to comment. Several days ago I had a discussion with an acquaintance about bike lanes. He was complaining about the lack of bike lanes on Highway 108 between McHenry and Coffee Road. I suggested that maybe bike riders should register and license their bikes, therefore helping fund improvements for bike lanes. He suggested I perform an unnatural act on myself and left with a one-finger salute.

I do ride a bike, but only for exercise. I tried to point out that car drivers help pay for road improvements, but he didn’t care.

Melvin Eisenhower, Oakdale