Letters to the Editor

Jody Hallstrom: Why wait on well moratorium?

Why wait on well moratorium?

As a horse owner in eastern Stanislaus County, I am horrified at the conversion of rangeland to almond orchards. My friends’ and neighbors’ wells are running dry while more wells are being drilled to water trees in areas where orchards are unsustainable. They are draining far more water from the aquifer than can ever be recovered. Pumping water near rivers and reservoirs will directly reduce our drinking water. Am I going to have water to irrigate my horse pastures in years to come? What’s going to happen to the birds and wildlife that rely on grasslands to survive? Please support a moratorium on the drilling of new wells for orchards on the east side. This over-drafting of water can not continue.

Jody Hallstrom, Oakdale

Editor’s note: The Water Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations on groundwater policy to the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors, meets today at 6 p.m. at the Kirk Lindsey Center, 1020 10th St., Suite 102.