Letters to the Editor

Lindsey Kuhn: Lawsuit awards should be low

I have read each article in The Bee regarding what appears to be unethical Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits against many business in the area. Our legislators are now looking at changing a long-standing law that was put in place to protect disabled individuals. I believe this should be handled through the courts. There is no law stating how much a plaintiff can collect, how about giving them $1 and they can pay their lawyer out of their settlement. If the courts would stop giving these individuals large sums of money there would be no reason to file the lawsuit to begin with.

Lindsey Kuhn, Delhi

Editor’s note: California law stipulates that those who bring lawsuits under the ADA can collect $4,000 per incident, which is used for the basis of settlement demands. Many of those sued prefer to pay a settlement rather than go to court.