Letters to the Editor

Bob Garcia: Stench comes with living near ag

Re “State orders Escalon to halt stench from plant” (Page B1, Oct. 3): Yes, Escalon should do all within its power to eliminate this odor. That said, this is more of a seasonal condition from cannery and frozen-food plant discharges, and even then only when when normal northwest to southeast air flow changes. From the map in The Bee, it appears the normal wind conditions would take that odor over only the northeast portion of this upper-crust enclave. In San Joaquin County, a buyer of real estate is required to sign a disclosure statement that they are purchasing property in an agricultural area and should be aware there may be dust, sounds, smells, etc. This is, I feel, an ag-related condition. I play Dryden golf course often and the 15th and 16th holes can have some pretty bad odors. But then that’s only south Modesto and who cares.

Bob Garcia, Escalon

Editor’s note: Stanislaus County also has a right-to-farm law governing disclosures.