Letters to the Editor

Jim L. Theis: Brem best choice for mayor

I had the opportunity to attend this week’s Turlock mayoral forum hosted by the League of Women Voters – thanks for providing the voters of Turlock the opportunity to hear from both candidates firsthand their positions on a number of the issues. Turlock is fortunate to have two enthusiastic candidates running for the city’s top elected position.

From this forum, it was clear that Mike Brem has the experience and understanding of local issues and the leadership skills to make an immediate, positive contribution to our community. Mike’s 30-plus years of managing successful businesses, 22 years of being directly engaged in the Turlock community and 14 years on the Planning Commission provide a strong foundation for leading Turlock the next four years. Mike understands the issues and has the time to devote to keep Turlock moving forward.

Gary Soiseth is to be commended for his Afghanistan service as a civilian contractor for the USDA; however, this experience does not necessarily translate to the skill set needed to provide sound fiscal policies or the ability to lead the city. Enthusiasm alone, without the detailed understanding of the issues, will not provide solutions to complex issues. Brem is the right choice to be the next mayor of Turlock.

Jim L. Theis, Turlock