Letters to the Editor

Helen Fultz: Give us solutions to ‘purchased power’

Re “Like Republicans, Democrats indebted to wealthy donors” (Page A11, Sept. 26): So, I’m reading this article, and I’m liking what I’m reading. However, after I finished, I felt unsatisfied. The article talks about how bad it is that Democrats and Republicans are funding their campaigns by focusing mainly on billionaires. And then it just ends. I was left saying: “OK, what do we do about it?”

Why did the author not find it relevant to mention any solutions? There was a quick nod to the debate of a constitutional amendment capping campaign donations, but not a single word on alternative funding. I would be much more inclined to vote for a representative who doesn’t cater to special-interest groups and who funded a campaign with voter contributions. If they relied on our money, they would listen to our concerns. Imagine that: a government by, and for, the people.

Helen Fultz, Modesto