Letters to the Editor

Hendrik Bomer: Cougars around, even if invisible

Here we go again. This time a mountain lion scare, real or not. These animals, beautiful as they are, will stir up commotion in the press.

In the 1997, a mountain lion was spotted in a tool shed in Escalon. Several weeks later someone shot one east of Woodward Reservoir. The same one? Who knows. Fish & Game authorities shot (tranquilized) and relocated a cougar 25 miles away, big deal; in the same article it said cougars have a 200-mile radius of activity. So before the Fish & Game people got home, so did the cougar.

I have seen three cougars in the Knights Ferry area over the years. Twice on Rancho del Río Estanislao and once on the Willms Ranch. This cougar was not more than 30 feet from me, he smelled me and thought I was not fit for his lunch. These cougars are all around us. Going after them with several people making noise is not going to work. If you don’t see them, they see you. Long live the cougar.

Hendrik Bomer, Oakdale