Letters to the Editor

Eric Olson: Look at news ... and laugh

Ah, The Bee on Oct. 1. So much to write about, so little space.

From the bag ban, what a scam. Predicated on a lie (single-use bag) to a windfall for the grocers. “Just” 10 cents a paper bag; it will be 25 cents after Jan. 1! (Whatever happened to save-a-tree)?

On to “Symbiosis” at Woodward Reservoir. The supervisors ignoring the neighbors and homeowners. Not a word about possible damage to fences, outbuildings, crops and livestock. All of this so some people can “immerse themselves ... in social interaction” while creating a “transformational experience.”

And then the all-knowing Forest Service ignoring the First Amendment to protect wilderness areas from the prying eyes of the press and the public, who, by the way, own the wilderness.

Eric Olson, Soulsbyville