Letters to the Editor


Sports corrupt public colleges

American universities are dependent on income derived from intercollegiate sports. This dependence is corruptible to the extent that it influences both admission and grading. I once had a custodian at a public university in California who was a graduate of the university and played football for the university. One day I discovered he could not read. In Europe, sports organizations are entirely independent of academic institutions. Our universities will never be competitive without major reform.

Lloyd Kramer, Sonora

Even Bee is lukewarm on Denham

Re “With a Valley-can attitude, send Denham back to House” (Opinions, Sept. 28): The Bee’s endorsement of Rep. Jeff Denham reads like a lukewarm promotion for someone it would like to see as our representative rather than someone who actually is. It contains phrases like: “We’d like to hope …” and “We’d like to think …” and “Denham needs to pay more attention …” and “Our congressman must speak forcefully for change; then he must forge the partnerships to make that change happen.”

The Bee lauds Denham for his stands on immigration and the Dream Act but wonders where his leadership is on transportation and water issues so important to our Valley. “He often drifts on the political winds,” the Bee opines, and gives him a pass on his support of the shutdown of the federal government, an unforgivable sin in my book. Much more than a political stunt, this unconscionable shutdown caused egregious injury to the public and to hundreds of thousands of government employees and to the many programs they work for – from the national parks to the National Institutes of Health and its experimental cancer treatments for children, who have no other life-saving options.

Bee reader: Show your displeasure for Denham and this despicable Congress in the voting booth.

James Costello, Ceres

Watch the forum – Denham loses

The Modesto Bee endorsed him again because he is being pressured and might do a better job. Helping Jeff Denham, they ran a 2012 picture and gave him more free publicity.

The Modesto Bee held a closed-door debate between Eggman and Denham on Sept. 24. Go to web modbee.com and click on Photos & Videos. Denham refused open debate with Eggman. Why? What stood out? Denham chose the Republican Party way out by blaming President Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi for things not done by Congress and him. Not a responsible reply. He creates a law he knows the party won’t let out and he looks good at home. He’s a feather in the wind when it comes to actually supporting an item. He’s a Republican Party rubber stamp for big business, though they talk about small business. They only look for profit motive, and there’s nothing of value in the EPA except clean air and clean water. The Earth’s animals have no future in their profit mentality. He considers Michael Eggman’s endorsement from the Natural Resources Defense Council a joke.

Ladies, look out! He votes against us on wages, health care and even thinks there is a difference between rape and forcible rape. Do you?

Vote Eggman for the future!

Diane Kroeze, Modesto

Denham wrong on bullet train

High-speed rail construction is on the cusp of being the next revolution in the economy of the United States. Though we are a generation behind the rest of the industrialized world, we have the capability of coming online with an advanced level of engineering. Nine of the top engineering firms in the world have contacted Gov. Jerry Brown with proposals to build and invest in the California HSR project. One very interested company, Siemens, has been manufacturing rolling stock in Sacramento for years.

Our local representative, Jeff Denham, has been steadfast in his opposition of HSR. His opposition has always been: “It will not be profitable.” I wonder if he has ever looked at the profit and loss statement of California Highway 99, the U.S. post office or the TSA? No profit there, but we would be hard pressed to do without.

I am troubled by The Bee’s backing of Denham. He has not demonstrated the leadership the Valley needs. His experience in governmental affairs does not qualify him for a return to office.

Gene Richards, Modesto

Get rid of all incumbents

Are you satisfied with Congress? For six-plus decades Congress has been instrumental in America’s downward slide toward third-world status. Our education level is down, employment is bad, personal freedom is vanishing, we are in constant war, the dollar is becoming worthless and much more. Will you continue to support this corrupt Congress?

Why is Congress allowing the theft of over 1 trillion taxpayer dollars each year by the “private” Federal Reserve bank? Why don’t they impeach Barack Obama for numerous constitutional law violations? Why will they not pass immigration reform? Are you ready for medical exploitation and fear implemented by the IRS under the national health care system? Why do they continue to ignore their constitutional duty?

Is there any real difference between political parties? Bottom line: Do you want your children and grandchildren to live in a country like those in the crime-ridden third world? Think it can’t happen here? Think again! Use your power in November – vote them all out!

Charles Allen, Patterson

Cartoon, Bee are disrespectful

Regarding the editorial cartoon by Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle (Opinions, Sept. 29): How disrespectful and petty can you get? To equate those of us who have served our country as “right-wing nut jobs” shows your complete disregard for the patriots who have pledged their lives over the years so you can publish this sort of tripe. Where has the integrity of the news media gone? What has happened to the fifth estate who so diligently monitored our freedoms and defended any attack on the Constitution, exposed corruption by both parties and held our presidents to a higher standard? You should be ashamed of yourselves. But then, I don’t think you are.

Raymond Newman, Modesto

Editor’s note: Editorial cartoons reflect the opinions of the cartoonists, not The Bee’s editors. Cartoonist Nick Anderson did not call all who have served our country “right-wing nut jobs,” but implied those complaining about President Obama’s salute while holding a coffee cup were overreacting.