Letters to the Editor

Rita F. Silva: Ban disposable diapers next, governor

I applaud Gov. Jerry Brown for signing the ban on plastic grocery bags. Now it’s time to take the next step and ban disposable diapers. I know a lot of people are going to scream and yell, but they are an unnecessary blight on the earth. Take it from a member of a generation that did not have disposable diapers, we did just fine without them.

I am tired of seeing them in streets, gutters, parking lots, etc. They are very expensive, whereas with cloth you buy them only once. Even if you are a working mother, you already do laundry, so what is the big deal about washing diapers along with the other clothes? If disposables are outlawed, the day care centers will have to revise their diaper policy. We are talking about giving welfare mothers $80 a month for diapers, so why not give them $80 worth of cloth diapers once and spend the rest of the money on something more necessary? They even come pre-folded, if you object to folding them. If you are an environmentalist, you should already be using cloth – unless you are a hypocrite.

Rita F. Silva, Los Banos