Letters to the Editor

David K. Ford: More lies from government official

Once again, we have another top government official (Julia Pierson) on the hot seat – this time its the head of the Secret Service for lying to Congress and the American people about the intrusion at the White House. The lying starts when they accept “full responsibility.” Those are the words they think we want to hear – but to me they’re lies.

You’re not taking full responsibility if you do nothing to the people who let it happen. Who’s getting fired? Are you resigning for your ineptitude? Didn’t think so. No, in fact now she needs more money so she can fully investigate why this happened. More investigations! That’s the ticket! Her second lie is saying it’s “unacceptable.” How is it unacceptable if she’s accepting what happened? It’s only unacceptable if you do something about it and take action, not make excuses and call for investigations. Which is what our Congress is doing as it puts her on the so-called hot seat. That, and jockeying for the cleverest sound bite of the day. Another example of the Kangaroo Court that is our government. Disgusting.

David K. Ford, Manteca