Letters to the Editor

Virginia Mello: Stores should enforce no-dogs rule

Re “Keep dogs out of grocery stores” (Letters, Sept. 21): I am 100 percent in agreement with the letter writer and would include pharmacies (they also sell food). We put our items in a basket, into our car, onto our kitchen counters, etc. This practice of allowing animals in such stores – other than service animals – is dangerous.

When I brought this violation to the attention of the corporate office of a local pharmacy, I was told they couldn’t tell if they were service dogs. One could plainly see the only service this particular dog was providing was feeding the ego of the owner.

I have since been told by someone who has and takes service dogs into retirement homes, etc., that the owners will have a special certificate they can show as proof if anyone should question the dog’s presence.

People should leave their pets at home or get a sitter for little Fifi!

When I asked the pharmacists if the carts were sanitized every night, the answer: No!

Virginia Mello, Escalon