Letters to the Editor

Roland Sarchett: Cyclists ignore laws, should pay more

There have been a few articles and letters to the editor about how us drivers should yield to people on bikes. I live two blocks north of Standiford off Tully. I drove to Briggsmore and down to Oakdale Road. On Briggsmore, no bikes. So why the bikes lanes? Waste of money, don’t you think?

Friday, I got a haircut at Scores on Tully in the Raley’s shopping center. As I left, a young man was just in front of me on a bike and there was a red light. Do you think he stopped? No way. We drivers have to stop at red lights and stop signs, but people on bikes don’t? They must obey the law; our police officers should give them tickets for running red lights or not stopping at stop signs.

I have no respect for bike riders, no matter who they are. They do not obey the laws of the road because they think they always have the right of way. To make more money for our state, why not charge bike riders $10 a year for registration? We could make millions, if not more.

Roland Sarchett, Modesto