Letters to the Editor

Daniel Adair: A day to consider the white cane

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared Oct. 15 as White Cane Safety Day. The white cane has evolved into much more than a safety device. It has become an essential tool for those who are visually impaired. There are approximately 4 million people in this country who are visually impaired.

This coming Oct. 15 there will be at least four White Cane Safety Day celebrations in Northern California – in Fresno, Palo Alto, Sacramento and Modesto. The one in Modesto will also involve Stockton, Lodi, Tracy and Merced.

Our main goal is to educate people about the meaning of the white cane – who uses them and how the canes are used. We should use the media to educate a larger group of people concerning the white cane. The Modesto Lions Club is helping by distributing white cane donation cans. Remember, all who are visually impaired or blind are, in reality, ambassadors in the sighted world. We deeply appreciate your taking the time to consider this matter.

Daniel Adair, Modesto