Letters to the Editor

P.M. Moehrle: Being billed though ‘uncovered’

Re “It’s ‘Uncovered California’ during delay” (Letters, Sept. 26): A reader wrote about Covered California charging for benefits before a person even knew they had coverage. I have been fighting the same thing since the beginning of this year. I received my card on Feb. 15 after postponing medical care until I had my insurance card.

Anthem Blue Cross has been billing me for January and said they will discontinue my insurance if I don’t pay. How many people have just paid to keep their coverage active? My one-month charge is $166. Why pay for coverage when you don’t know you have it and don’t use it? I have dealt with online outages, numerous phone calls, messages, etc., to no avail. Covered California was to send Anthem a memo in June to push up the start date to Feb. 1. That also fell through the cracks. To how many other people has this happened?

P.M. Moehrle, Waterford