Letters to the Editor

Raymond Dell: It’s none of the county’s business

Stanislaus County must really want to win in the lawsuit filed against it by Irina Engert, the widow of locksmith Glendon Engert. The county is trying to blame the victims. Typical. Win at any cost, no matter the cost to the victims. Disgusting!

What the heck do Irina and Glendon’s marital and fertility issues have to do with her husband being shot by a criminal? Why does the county need to know if they went to marriage counseling? Her husband was told to continue even after he heard sounds inside the apartment. He and a deputy were killed and another deputy wounded. The county’s actions are outrageous. If this is sanctioned by the Board of Supervisors, they should all hide their heads in shame. Any judge, federal or otherwise, who orders the release of this very personal and private information has crossed a line that should never be crossed.

I am a lifelong resident of Modesto and Stanislaus County, and I am outraged at the county for allowing its lawyers to pursue this information. This is making me reassess who I will vote for the next time the sheriff and my supervisor come up for re-election.

Raymond Dell, Modesto