Letters to the Editor

Maureen Silva: Kids precious; be careful around schools

Supervising safety patrol at Standiford Elementary School on Tokay and Sunrise is a big responsibility. The lives of the children are very important. I lost a son to pedestrian fatality, and I am unwilling to lose another child. So I was not prepared to allow my daughter Samantha, 9, to participate. She reluctantly agreed to my mandatory involvement despite any foreseen embarrassment.

After seeing the inconsideration and carelessness shown by drivers, I wanted to yank her out. Instead, I ask you to please slow down. These are grade-school children; what’s worse, Standiford parents are some of the worst offenders. The city was kind enough to repaint the crosswalks, and I thought that would cure the California stops, stopping inside crosswalks or driving right through – I assumed people didn’t know. Not the case.

Nearly all on the safety patrol team feel they’ve come close to being hit already this school year. After one close call, a safety patrol officer questioned if this was it – was this the end? The look on the girl’s face was heartbreaking. Modesto police could fulfill their monthly quota of tickets in one morning here.

By the way, drivers: A stop sign is not merely a suggestion, it’s mandatory! Value life. Drive right!

Maureen Silva, Modesto