Letters to the Editor

Ron Shaw: Glad hope is alive and well

Re “Modesto needs ‘men in blue’  ” (Letters, Sept. 18): I applaud the efforts mentioned the letter. As a frequent visitor to Modesto, I look forward to experiencing the downtown area. There is welcome and warmth in the downtown community. Plus, there is a unique cultural experience generated from the Peer Recovery Art Project’s activities.

As suggested in the letter, I visited the Doe Fund website. There are many similar solutions in the Peer Recovery Art Project and Doe Fund. For instance, the Peer Recovery Art Project and the Community Improvement Project encourage community pride through active involvement; catchphrases such as “Art to heal the mind” and “Ready, willing and able” promote successful strategies to reduce stigma; the “street team” and the “men in blue” program provide opportunities for skill training. Ceres’ Project YES and the Youth Initiative are job-readiness programs.

These two models are effective practices for breaking cycles of living on the streets or in a shelter. Most important, thank you for publishing articles that state hope is alive and well in Modesto.

Ron Shaw, Sacramento