Letters to the Editor

Bret Sutterley: Turlock: Embrace new generation

I am writing in support of Gary Soiseth for mayor of Turlock. I first met Gary when he went to Turlock High at the same time as my son Kyle. There will be those who challenge Gary’s age and experience. Yet, Gary’s varied experiences – teaching at CSUS, serving our country in a hostile nation, working in Washington, D.C. – are admirable for a person of any age. What really impresses me about Gary is his energy and commitment to serve his hometown and all its residents. Many college graduates leave Turlock and take their skills elsewhere. Gary brought his talents home. This election is not about roads; it’s about the future direction of our city. It is time for a new generation to lead. Your vote matters. Vote Soiseth for mayor.

Bret Sutterley, Turlock