Letters to the Editor

Veronica and John Woodruff: PG&E condemns a stately sycamore

I am sad to report that PG&E is going to be cutting down a sycamore tree located at 4747 Orestimba Road, in Newman. This sycamore is over 80 years old. It is healthy, alive, vibrant and home to many birds – including, at times, Swainson’s hawks and bald eagles. Sycamore trees can live to be over 250 years old. My husband and I have been watering and caring for this tree since we built our home here in 2000. His parents and grandparents cared for it before that. The tree is physically on PG&E property, but they never cared for it. They are cutting down trees along more than 4,000 miles of pipeline. We offered to pay to have a root barrier installed, but I guess they won’t even consider that. I understand public safety. I get it.

But, if there could be another option that won’t cost them anything, why not try? The tree is a beautiful, living creature and it is going to be cut down in its prime. Sad and sick about this. Wonder if the chairman of the board of PG&E would allow PG&E to cut down a tree in his realm?

Veronica and John Woodruff, Newman