Letters to the Editor

Christopher Frazier: Don’t be pushed into World War III

Sisters and brothers, do not support the warmongers. Every war is controlled and constructed by the House of Rothschild. From World War I to World War II, to the war in Vietnam, all the way down to the wars and conflicts in Lybia, Syria and Iraq. All wars are based on lies and fought not for justice, but so that the House of Rothschild can continue to control land, wealth and resources. Why was it that the Malaysian plane was commanded to fly over the known war zone in Ukraine? Did we forget the war occurring in Ukraine began because forces allied with Washington, D.C., London and Israel orchestrated a coup in Ukraine?

Do your own investigation. This incident in Ukraine could well be a “false flag” operation to maneuver us into World War III. Call our representatives and use our spirit energies to stand up against warfare and bloodshed and death and hell and destruction and colonialism and exploitation.

Christopher Frazier, Modesto