Letters to the Editor

Demetrie Aburto: Japan taking good step with North Korea

Regarding “Japan to lift some sanctions on North Korea” (Page A8, July 4): Japan is ambitious to investigate abductions of its people who are involved in North Korea. The fact that North Korea is cooperating with these investigations is a huge step forward for the North. By this, I mean North Korea may become a more social country, thus creating trade with other countries and reducing the tensions it has with many countries (especially those in the NATO alliance). The North is seen as very hostile. With Japan lifting sanctions, it can open a door for North Korea, reducing tensions, becoming more sustainable and increasing quality of life. The North has a chance for many positive opportunities and it can prove itself a great country. However, considering the North and Kim Jung Un, I feel North Korea will remain in its current tracks.

Demetrie Aburto, Ceres