Letters to the Editor

Sarkis Elmassian: Bee, others are biased toward Israel

Following The Modesto Bee’s coverage of the tragedy in Gaza is deplorable. I’ve noticed that during the past 10 days, your newspaper did not report what’s going on there for three days at least.

Today, just like two other days, there was not even a single word about the plight of the Palestinian people. On those days you do cover the crimes against humanity the Israeli forces are perpetrating, your reporter is in Tel Aviv, just reporting what the Israeli government and the friendly media are saying about what is going on there. Unfortunately, your paper is not alone in neglecting the human tragedy in Gaza, and the biased reporting it provides.

Your paper and others similarly reporting are responsible, partly at least, in making the public here ignorant and biased toward events in Gaza. You are enabling the administration to just mimic Israeli leaders as to how to end the slaughter. What about balanced reporting? Have you forgotten about avoiding bias and having empathy with those Palestinians who are being murdered by the guns and ammunition paid for by our government?

Sarkis Elmassian, Ceres