Letters to the Editor

Anthony Rojas: Denham doesn’t support reform

I’m writing to respond to Rep. Jeff Denham’s op-ed “Celebrating our nation with its newest citizens” (July 4) about his supposed commitment to immigration reform. Jeff Denham has spent the last many months talking a good game about his desire for comprehensive immigration reform. However, actions speak louder than words. The Republican Party leadership Denham has voted into power won’t bring reform up for a vote in the House. And Denham has refused to sign a discharge petition which would circumvent his obstructionist leadership and force a vote to the floor.

Denham won’t do that because he doesn’t care about reform. He cares about playing politics. That’s why, when Denham represented a less Latino district, he opposed California’s DREAM Act and supported Arizona’s draconian and unconstitutional immigration law. Denham doesn’t care about the economic boost immigration reform would bring or about the families reform would strengthen. Jeff Denham just cares about Jeff Denham. That’s why I am supporting Michael Eggman for Congress.

Michael is a local Turlock farmer who actually supports immigration reform and growing our economy to create good Central Valley jobs.

Anthony Rojas, Turlock