Letters to the Editor

Stephanie Haidar: Terrorists destroy Assyrian heritage

The first civilization on Earth, built by the Assyrians, originated in ancient Mesopotamia, which is modern-day Iraq. Some civilized regions in Iraq have lasted since biblical times; ancient Nineveh is present-day Mosul. A lot of history of the Assyrians remains in Mosul. Sadly, a lot of that history has been destroyed. The ISIS forces destroyed 4,000-year-old ancient Assyrian statues. They have also destroyed Assyrian churches and even violated Assyrian tombs. As an Assyrian, I believe this is immoral, unjust, and heartbreaking. To see such a historic city with its ancient sites and artifacts being destroyed by soulless terrorists is awful. Knowing the reason terrorists are doing this is difficult to morally understand. They destroy ancient Assyrian artifacts and sites because Assyrians are Christian and they are Islamic. They destroy valuable artifacts for the mere difference in religion! Who knows how many other historic cities ISIS will destroy.

Stephanie Haidar, Modesto