Letters to the Editor

Dale Parkinson: Denham’s true colors showing

Republicans and Democrats came together in the U.S. Senate and passed an immigration reform bill. But when it went to the House of Representatives, the tea party blocked it from even coming to a vote. Once he knew it would not come to a vote this year, tea partyer Jeff Denham made a big show of saying he was for it. But was that really true?

There was a movement within the House to force a vote on the immigration bill. This was called the “discharge petition.” If Denham really supported voting for the bipartisan immigration bill, he would have signed the discharge petition. But he did not.

It looks to me like Denham wanted it both ways. He gets lots of media attention for pretending to support immigration reform in a district where it would help in his election, but he did not support the move that would actually get the bill passed. This revealed his true belief. We should not vote for tea partyer Jeff Denham.

Dale Parkinson, Turlock