Letters to the Editor

Eileen Wyatt Stokman: Time to restore county workers’ pay

Stanislaus County employees are at an impasse. Over four years ago, at the April 6, 2010, Board of Supervisors meeting, we were asked to take a 5 percent pay cut. It was supposed to be temporary. The county CEO at the time said, “These are interim solutions.” He told us we demonstrated a form of leadership by “contributing” 5 percent of our base pay to save jobs and services. Our pay cut was referred to as a “contribution” several times at that meeting. The senior negotiator was so grateful. A member of the board thanked county employees. He promised, “This, too, will pass. We will work our way out of this.”

Now they’re balking at restoring our pay. Please “Like” Stanislaus County Employees SEIU 521.

Eileen Wyatt Stokman, Ceres