Letters to the Editor

Irma Kaelemakule: Want birth control? Two options

I am sick of listening to people getting bent out of shape because somebody does not want to pay for their birth control. The pill we’re talking about is not birth control, it is an abortion pill. Being pregnant is not an illness – my parents had 11 children and they welcomed all of us with open arms. Half of us were born during the Second World War, as was I, in Germany. If my parents had not wanted us, I wouldn’t be here. Instead, they raised us to do the right thing even when life was hard, when the bombs came down on our town and we didn’t have enough to eat. Children are a gift from God; they should not be aborted or abused. If you don’t want children, pay for your own birth control or abstain.

Irma Kaelemakule, Modesto