Letters to the Editor

Parvez Singh: Importance of saving water

Drought is affecting many people in the Stanislaus area; therefore, laws are put up to push the conservation of water. Citizens have a choice of conserving water, but they usually don’t because they don’t look at the big impact it’s having on crops and irrigation. Without water, we couldn’t grow crops to harvest and spread throughout California to feed the population. These laws should be a lot stricter in the case of conserving water.

Conserving water should be a priority for all citizens because without water we cannot douse the fires that spread throughout mountains and forests. Especially for helicopters that must fly farther to attain water, causing them to waste time, which could lead the fires to spread. There are many ways to save water efficiently, such as turning off the water while brushing your teeth, shortening showers or using less water for washing dishes. Most importantly, don’t waste drinking water.

Parvez Singh, Ceres