Letters to the Editor

David K. Ford: You knew where Fred Herman stood

Sorry to learn of Fred Herman’s passing (“–30–” Our View, July 19). I remember when he was the local movie reviewer for The Bee, in the ’70s and ’80s. (Why don’t we have a local reviewer today?) I looked forward to his reviews, most of which I disagreed with – which meant if he hated it, then it was a must-see for me. I did notice after he retired he sent lots of letters to the Opinions pages, and I disagreed with practically all of his liberal views as well, being of a more conservative bent. But I looked forward to reading his rants since he had an opinion on things and wasn’t afraid to state his case, something so many people today seem reluctant to do. Though we disagreed, he always served up food for thought. RIP, Mr. Herman. You will be missed in The Bee.

David K. Ford, Modesto