Letters to the Editor

S.M. Evens: Fire starters: Lapse in judgment, parenting

As adults we spend nine-tenths of our life teaching our children not to play with fire or matches unless under adult supervision and not to turn on the burners on the stove or attempt to make/cook a meal, again, without an adult present, because of fire hazards. So these well-adjusted and well-supervised children become “firebugs,” setting random fires from having learned the ins and outs of fireworks and what makes a big boom. Uncaring parents or those who put their children on the sidelines, or even those that hide behind the words “patriotism” and “tradition” are a big part of the problem.

So why don’t the authorities pay any real attention to the existing problem, or is it simply easier to ignore? Here is a clue: When punishing someone, it is always a good idea to know the causes and not just focus on a cause because you might be missing a key link.

S.M. Evens, Modesto