Letters to the Editor

Manav Walia: Don’t try to force water conservation

Drought is a big factor in Stanislaus County, especially in Modesto and Ceres. Conservation laws are being put forth that citizens shouldn’t water their front lawns or wash their cars before 7 p.m. or after 9 a.m. Many people don’t abide by these laws because it isn’t strictly enforced. Some think of this law as unlawful because citizens who have been living here for 10 years or more suddenly have to cope with a new rule.

I understand that water conservation laws are dealing with immense issues such as drought, but they shouldn’t impact the daily lives of citizens. Drought is a serious issue all on its own, as it affects various factors of the economy such as irrigation of crops. There can be other ways to conserve water, such as letting people know how much of an impact it will be on the economy if water was conserved more often. You can’t just require people to conserve water, it’s a thing that people should understand thoroughly and do with their own good judgment.

Manav Walia, Ceres