Letters to the Editor

Pride parades offer affirmation

Regarding “Repent for gay lifestyle” (Letters, July 16): In the letter, the question of why we celebrate gay pride was asked and I’d like to answer. Some of those “negative aspects” of the gay lifestyle the writer mentioned, such as higher rates of suicide and depression, are because these people are ridiculed, beaten and bullied because of something they have no control over. We celebrate to show that no matter how many times society knocks you down there is a reason to get back up. You aren’t alone. It can get better.

The writer went on to bring religion into it. Homosexuality is a sin. Right, that’s what the Bible says. Well, some other sins are mentioned in the Bible, too. Getting tattoos, wearing polyester or fiber blends, divorce, wearing gold, eating shellfish, just to name a few. You don’t get to pick and choose what sins are OK. Times change. Society changes.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion.” I agree, but admit it’s your opinion. Don’t hide behind religion because it’s safe and easy. If it was about religion, these other sins wouldn’t be OK. Admit it’s your opinion.

Amanda Sease, Modesto