Letters to the Editor

Norm Volponi: Like border kids? Then adopt one

I have a suggestion that could be a partial solution to the influx of illegal children along the Mexican border. All the people who believe that they should be allowed to stay could drive down to Texas and, as the young ones come across, pick them up and take them home with them.

Then, they can feed and clothe them and pay for their education and medical care, etc., without government assistance thereby relieving those of us who are parting with our hard-earned money to support them.

It’s a win-win situation! The liberals will get their way. They can legally adopt these children and teach them their ideologies, so when they come of voting age, they can vote for more of the bleeding-heart, big spenders that have driven our once-great state and nation into a shambles.

We, the more conservative ones, will be happy not having to support illegal causes.

Norm Volponi, Groveland