Letters to the Editor

Linda Mayo: A plea to support Laura’s Law

Regarding “A breakthrough in helping the mentally ill” (Our View, July 13): I have daughters who suffer from schizophrenia. I appreciate your opinion and urge all your readers to write their government representatives to support Laura’s Law and HR 3717.

One daughter, who has been hospitalized several times within the past year, has not been seen or heard from since July 3. We filed a missing person’s report because she picked up $200 from her payer and told people she wanted to go to the beach and was taking the Greyhound bus to L.A. She always picks up her spending money but has missed three subsequent disbursements. We are extremely frightened for her safety. She is paranoid and doesn’t remember where she lives or what month it is. She could live a somewhat normal life by receiving treatment she truly needs.

Financial burdens on taxpayers would be offset by the decrease in hospitalization and incarceration. The mentally ill person, their family and society in general would benefit from non-consensual treatment. We do not require consent for treatment from a person with a brain disorder or Alzheimer’s. It is ludicrous to wait for a person with a brain disorder such as schizophrenia to consent before giving them treatment.

Linda Mayo, Modesto

Faster executions are the answer

I’m pro-death penalty and have always contended it could not be a deterrent if not carried out in a timely manner. But this decision (“Federal judge blocks death penalty in state,” July 17, Page A3 ) borders on insanity. This rewards the defendants and their attorneys who, after their original appeal is denied, keep filing appeal after appeal (mostly frivolous) to purposely delay executions. The attorneys and defendants are the reason it take 20 years to execute someone.

Let’s make it less “cruel and unusual” – speed up the process.

Marty Garber, Modesto

Don’t try to force water conservation

Drought is a big factor in Stanislaus County, especially in Modesto and Ceres. Conservation laws are being put forth that citizens shouldn’t water their front lawns or wash their cars before 7 p.m. or after 9 a.m. Many people don’t abide by these laws because it isn’t strictly enforced. Some think of this law as unlawful because citizens who have been living here for 10 years or more suddenly have to cope with a new rule.

I understand that water conservation laws are dealing with immense issues such as drought, but they shouldn’t impact the daily lives of citizens. Drought is a serious issue all on its own, as it affects various factors of the economy such as irrigation of crops. There can be other ways to conserve water, such as letting people know how much of an impact it will be on the economy if water was conserved more often. You can’t just require people to conserve water, it’s a thing that people should understand thoroughly and do with their own good judgment.

Manav Walia, Ceres

Forget rail, build desal plants

What is more valuable? Why do we have taxpayers’ money to build a high-speed rail and not enough to build a desalination plant in Southern California so we could save water in Northern California for our farmers and residents? Is there any rail system in California that taxpayers don’t have to subsidize to keep it from going bankrupt? I would appreciate our politicians explaining this to us.

Jeanne Bailey, Modesto

NBC: News noBody Cares about

I swore I would never watch NBC News again, but Sunday night, I did. Big mistake. A full eight minutes on the Israel-Palestine conflict; three minutes on the weather; two each on Alzheimer’s testing and babies in Ethiopia; one minute each about Candlestick Park, The Lone Rangers uniform (not kidding), the Concordia, Spain’s running of the bulls and an Italian bike racer; and three minutes on America’s newfound love for soccer. Kind of wish George W. Bush was still president as I am sure they would have our border disaster highlighted for most of their biased broadcast. Their peacock has its head in the sand.

Larry Dovichi, Modesto