Letters to the Editor

Baylee Carlin: Think, act like a girl

The brand Always recently did a short piece on the phrase “like a girl.” The ads asked a series of questions to men, women, teens and a young boy on what they think the phrase “like a girl” means.

All participants elaborated on “fighting like a girl” and “running like a girl.”

Every person gives a response referencing a lack of coordination and fear. They then ask young girls around the age of 10 what they think the phrase means. The girls responded with how they would complete tasks; they discuss the negative connotation the phrase brings, along with all the harm it can do to a young girl’s confidence.

The campaign Always is doing continues to raise awareness for girls’ confidence. The campaign is an amazing opportunity to show the world just how harmful words can be.

Always has also shed light on the fact the phrase “like a girl” can be transformed into a positive affirmation to help young women see that they are truly powerful.

Baylee Carlin, Ceres