Letters to the Editor

Kaitlyn Hebb: Teach flag etiquette in our schools

In school, children are taught the Pledge of Allegiance and why our flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars. But the things that aren’t taught are some of the most important. As a Girl Scout for 10 years, it saddens me to see flags flown after dark or people not placing their hands over their hearts when the color guard passes in a parade. As proper flag etiquette is part of our national history, such things should be taught in school. Even one lesson could make a difference. The flag etiquette I was taught as a part of the Girl Scouts program, such as the American flag should always be the highest in a line of flags or when a flag is being presented one should always stand, have made a lasting impression on my respect of flag ceremonies. All children should have the right to learn respect for their flag as a part of their public education.

Kaitlyn Hebb, Modesto